• Partner Portal2:16

    Partner Portal

    The Partner Portal simplifies campaign execution, so your Partners spend less time marketing and more time selling.

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  • Evolved Claims & Reimbursements1:56

    Evolved Claims & Reimbursements

    SproutLoud can replicate your existing Co-Op marketing program and save you 50 percent on claims processing fees.

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  • SaaS Through-Channel Marketing Automation Platform3:19

    SaaS Through-Channel Marketing Automation Platform

    SproutLoud’s Channel Marketing platform integrates SaaS software, best-of-breed marketing services and world-class support to help Brands reduce OpEx and increase sales.

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  • SproutLoud Studio1:04

    SproutLoud Studio

    SproutLoud Studio transforms your campaign assets into highly dynamic templates, so your Partners can get your message into market faster.

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  • SproutLoud LaunchPad2:15

    SproutLoud LaunchPad

    SproutLoud LaunchPad simplifies local marketing by integrating planning, funding and campaign execution in one simple console.

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  • SproutPay Instant Funding1:56

    SproutPay Instant Funding

    Amplify the power of your marketing budget by instantly funding the local marketing tactics that will increase Partners’ investment in your campaigns.

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  • Automated Campaign Execution (ACE)2:24

    Automated Campaign Execution (ACE)

    Automating local marketing gives Partners simple point-and-click execution integrated with best-in-class local marketing performance.

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  • SproutLoud Analytics2:14

    SproutLoud Analytics

    SproutLoud Analytics gives you performance metrics on every campaign and consolidated insight across your entire Partner ecosystem.

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  • Expert Marketing Support2:35

    Expert Marketing Support

    Improve the impact of every campaign with expert support for your Brand team and your Local Partners.

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  • 12 Days of Channel Marketing Christmas3:56

    12 Days of Channel Marketing Christmas

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