Use Google Insights to Plan Your Local Marketing Campaigns

July 6, 2012 Neil Ingalls

Most marketers with a website know the valuable data that analytic platforms like Ominture, Webtrends and Google Analytics can provide. They show how people come to your website and what they do while on the site, thereby helping to solve the attribution issues of online marketing campaigns. Google Insights for Search is another Google tool that can be invaluable to marketers as they craft marketing campaigns.

Google Insights, Defined

Google Insights for Search can tell you the what, when and where certain queries are taking place in Google, and can even forecast what search volumes will be for terms based on historical data. This is a lot of potentially beneficial information, so how does a marketer use this to a business’ advantage? Google Insights for Search allows marketers to select particular verticals that are pertinent to their particular business enabling them to quickly and easily find helpful data. The tool can show them the “what””when” and “where” people are searching for valuable keyphrases. Check out the below example from Google Insights.

Imagine that you are a travel agent in Florida specializing in the cruise industry. This tool can show you what the people of Florida have been searching for with historical and forecast information specific to cruising. This information can be used to alter marketing messaging online and offline to better target what your customers are seeking.

For example, the people of Florida tend to search by the name brand of the specific cruise line. With this information you can ensure that your marketing assets directly name the cruise line to match what local consumers are searching for in Google. This can also be helpful if you are a national brand looking to diversify your marketing assets based on different local markets. The tool can allow you to see how people are searching for your product in the Midwest compared to their searches in South. You can capitalize on these regional differences by altering your marketing assets for the specific region.

Google Insights’ Keyword Forecasting

Take advantage of the forecasted information for important keyphrases. There are a lot of examples out there that illustrate the differing keyword volume based on seasonality. Take skiing for example; skiing related phrases are going to be more popular and therefore more competitive for a listing in the search results during the winter. Marketers can check out the Google Insights tool to see just how competitive particular skiing phrases will be in 4 months. This information can be integrated into a marketing plan, allowing marketers to anticipate larger PPC costs.

Finding New Business with Insights

In these economic times it is important for businesses to be agile, changing to emerging needs in their community. This can be achieved by offering a new service or product that consumers in the area are looking for in the search engine. With this information you can add that hot new product to your offerings, or simply emphasize the product that you currently carry but do not highlight in marketing efforts. By understanding the wants of the people through Google Insights, you can reposition your business to fill the need, and earn new valuable customers.

Google Insights for Search is a powerful tool with numerous uses and oodles of good data for business owners and marketers. You can use this data to change your business or just your marketing campaigns, to target valuable customers that are in your area. The tool can show you the market, the need for a service, or simply how a product or service is described in a particular area. The data is there, it is free, and should not be ignored.  

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