Through the Google Looking Glass

March 1, 2013 Neil Ingalls

After years of perfecting the technology and teasing the product, Google has finally announced a release target for Google Glass. By late 2013 you should see tech savvy customers walking down the street, wearing Google Glasses and enjoying an augmented reality view of the world.

This has the potential to be the first true revolutionary advancement in mobile communications since the iPhone. Think about it. Before 2006 not many people had smartphones; they were only a small slice of the cell phone market pie, but with the release of the iPhone, smartphones became ubiquitous. How you communicated with friends changed. How you looked up information changed. How you shopped changed. All with the launch of one product.

With Glass, Google is hoping to forge a similar trajectory, providing consumers with an item that they didn’t know they needed, but that they won’t be able to live without.

The high adoption rate of smartphones changed online marketing strategies, forcing marketers to change with the times and leaving others behind. Google Glass will be in a position to again shift the online marketing landscape, further focusing the need for a local online presence. Store owners will need to have an online presence, within the Google + network at the very least, to entice and interact with this newly created audience.

From the demo videos Google has released, the information that comes up on Google Glasses seems to all be sourced through Google +. Take a peek at some of their YouTube videos to see this in action. That means businesses are probably going to need a Google + page if they want to play in the Google Glass sandbox, and a well optimized one if they want to stand apart from the crowd. As with SEO, or any marketing activity for that matter, marketers will need to make an informed investment to participate. Today, marketers cannot simply create a website without planning and expect to be indexed and appear in Google search result pages.

The same will be true for Google Glass.

Optimizing your website with properly named images and updated information is important to stay ahead of the curve. Luckily optimizing for Google Glass looks like it won’t be much different than optimizing for your current marketing presence. Keep your social media accounts up to date and active, properly name your webpages and the images on them. Have location pages for your local businesses, not just a corporate website and create engaging content for your web properties.

Marketers had to change when anyone standing on the street could search for reviews of their business online. Imagine the change that’s coming when customers only have to look at a business for reviews to automatically appear before their eyes. As customers can access information more and more easily, it becomes more important for businesses to make their information accessible and manage their online reputations. Later this year, when a potential customer wearing Google Glasses comes walking down the street, you do not want to be the only business on the block not appearing before their eyes.

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