The Achilles Heel of Local PPC Campaigns for Brands: Localized Web Pages

December 2, 2012 Gary Ritkes

Brands have long participated in PPC, driving paid traffic to their website from a wide variety of keywords. This online presence provides increased revenue for online transactions and traffic to their local brick and mortar locations.  And now, with the rise of local search, more users are now adding local identifiers to their search queries.

Localizing Webpages for PPC Optimization

The opportunity for large brands to capture visitors from these localized searches is enormous. But where should the brands drive these users? For example, let’s say that Brand X sells women's shoes from their website and their 60 brick and mortar stores throughout the country. How can Brand X leverage their web presence in collaboration with their local stores to provide users with a seamless experience from the search engines?  It's simple, brands need webpages that reflect localized searches and their localized resources.

These localized pages that reflect their brick and mortar stores for a given geographical area then act as PPC campaign landing pages, delivering the users to the relevant store page for their search. To use our example, a search for “women's shoes in Sunrise FL” would return a PPC ad that would direct users to a webpage built for the closest brick and mortar store. This will raise the Quality score of your landing page, lowering overall PPC costs, and deliver users to the most relevant page.

What Local Information Goes on the Page?

This plan only works with a website that features a robust section of localized pages for which PPC campaigns can be devised. The PPC campaigns must be well designed, with many localized variations of key phrases, to correctly deliver users to a specific localized page relevant for their search. The localized pages should be uniform in design with calls to action that entice users to visit a store or to buy online. They need to have standardized navigation to enable users to quickly visit the rest of the website. The local pages also need unique content to have the potential to rank organically for the valuable localized key phrases.

So what is the hold up? Why don’t large brands employ this method to attract motivated shoppers to their local stores?

Building local pages takes time, money, and coordination. This coordination must occur with the many local stores, the brand’s IT team, and the agency responsible for PPC campaign management. The Achilles heel of this strategy is the many moving parts, and the variety of actors that need to work together for success. But if you don't optimize your online presence for local search, your local partners will miss out on potential traffic and revenue.

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