Rethinking Paid Advertising for Your Business on Facebook

October 5, 2012 Deb Griffith

This week, Facebook hit the 1 billion active users threshold and even their stock price is rallying a bit, after Zuck appeared on The Today Show. But as marketers, we’re more excited about a couple of new PPC products they quietly rolled out that allow for some whole new ways to advertise your business on the world's largest social website.

When Facebook launched paid advertising in 2011, the options were rather limited with just Sponsored Stories and Facebook Ads. And they weren’t all that effective either – GM famously cancelled their $10 Million Ad Buy earlier this year, citing “it just doesn’t pay off.” Ouch! But these days Facebook is serving one billion search queries a day “without even trying” vs Google’s three billion. Makes sense that they would try to come up with some new ways to connect their individual members to the brands that they are interested in.

Paid Search Advertising

Finally! With Paid Search Advertising, you can target entities, interests or categories, allowing your chosen destination (most commonly Facebook Pages or Tabs) to return in the drop down search results. In this case Gevalia Coffee targeted "Coke" as a search term and renders in the Sponsored section:

Now you can identify other entities (read: “competition”, if you roll like the folks at Gevalia) or interest groups that will now be shown your Facebook Page or Special Offer when they conduct a relevant search. It’s not as expansive as Adwords, but you can select more demographic data choices, which will decrease your impressions, while increasing your click-through and lowering costs. It's actually kind of surprising that the adoption on this new feature hasn't been explosive yet -- all the more reason to give it a try now to see how you can enhance your business's Facebook performance.

E-Mail and Phone Number Based Targeting

Another new paid feature for Local Business Marketers is the ability to upload and store your existing contact lists into Facebook, which then cross-references that e-mail or phone number information to its user data and delivers your ads to those matches. This is being rolled out shortly, so keep your eyes open. So if you are looking for a way to increase your business’s presence on Facebook, these new features allow you to “get found” in a whole new way when users are searching for related entities or topics on Facebook. Let us know if you have any questions or if you are ready to step-up your Facebook Marketing!

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