Pinterest and Its SEO Secret You Might Not Know

February 3, 2012 Deb Griffith

You know when it seems like everywhere you turn, you keep getting hit with the same message about something that you can’t ignore? Well this week has been all about Pinterest. Hands-down. To the point where it made sense to share why (to take a quote from Zoolander) its “so hot right now.” Just this week, it won the coveted “Best New Start-Up” award at the TechCrunch “Crunchies”, previous winners have included Quora, Friendfeed and Bing, so they are in good company.

So what is Pinterest and why should you care? Glad you asked. Pinterest is a forum for users to create and share visual “pinboards” of things they like online. Simply put, it’s a pictorial way to express images (either static or video) you find on the web or photograph or import from your social media accounts. From there it’s easy for others to browse your pictures and “repin” what they like too. You can create shopping wish-lists (which even allow you to list and sort by price), collect design ideas or share recipe and craft projects. And as you might guess, Pinterest tends to appeal to females (58% of current users) but with nearly 8 Million unique users and growing fast (a four-fold increase between September and December 2011) the audience should open up. So the idea is cool, the application is fun to use and the numbers don’t lie.

But just what is this SEO secret? While there have been anecdotal stories of websites achieving tremendous results from the search engines that could only be attributed to Pinterest, data released this week from Shareaholic shows that it has now surpassed Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube COMBINED as a traffic referrer and now its barely behind Twitter and Google. If this growth stays on trend, this time next month is could leapfrog both Twitter and Google and be the third highest traffic referrer.

The Bottom Line If you are implementing any kind of offsite SEO or Link Building campaigns for your website, you really should explore establishing content on Pinterest. Of course, this is most applicable for brands with visual products or services, but be creative and see what you can achieve. Rest assured that if your competitors are smart online marketers, they're probably evaluating Pinterest too. So why not beat them to the punch? The time is NOW!

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