Love Your Customers, Love Their Data

November 1, 2011 Deb Griffith

We’re constantly amazed at the ingenuity and creativity involved in how our clients’ use our technology to build targeted brand experiences that generate customer value and loyalty. One reason for their success is that they recognize the value of customer data: what they have, how to collect more, and how integrate it into their marketing. There are lots of other non-intrusive data points that can be leveraged to create high value marketing communications. Here are a few insights, based on what we have witnessed, that turn marketing concepts into reality and strong, measurable ROI for their products and services.

Know the value of the data you have. There are lots of ways to increase the lifetime value of existing customers, and distributed marketers can take advantage of even the most basic data points in transactions to accomplish this. Got a sales date? Set up a direct marketing program to send out a warranty or service notice. Know what product they purchased? How about cross selling a complementary item? Even a simple note related to their purchase, such as “Happy Birthday”, “Welcome back from your trip” or just thanking them for their business can make a huge impression.

Know what additional data can provide extra value – and how to get it. On top of basic sales information, local marketers may already have additional information about their customers such as marriage status, purchasing habits, and other demographic information useful to a brand. For additional data, brands can build marketing programs to collect it. For example, using co-branded web pages gives brands access to collect a range of data from product registrations or feedback surveys. At the same time, local marketers benefit from the web presence and can use the same information to support the sale locally.

Explore how to use the data I recently received a sweepstakes invitation delivered via direct mail using a personalized qr code. One button push on my phone registered me into the contest and delivered that brand’s marketing goal. There are lots of creative ways to engage customers using both digital and traditional media, and the easier you make it for a customer to do what you want them to, the higher your success rate will be. Creating a strong data collection pipeline requires some planning and collaboration with distributed marketers, but it’s worth the effort because the results are valuable to your brand.

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