5 Easy Ways to Build a Quality Contact Database

December 6, 2012 Jared Shusterman

Marketing to a highly receptive audience is like shooting fish in a barrel - you know that a sale or conversion is pretty much inevitable. The problem occurs in compiling the correct audience, after all someone had to catch those fish and put them in the barrel in the first place. The best way to compile a friendly marketing list is to do it organically with forms on your website, rewards programs, and other initiatives that can casually collect customer and prospect information.

Collecting information from prospects that have chosen to enter it on your website or from customers that have joined a rewards / customer retention program is much more valuable than simply purchasing a list where the individuals listed may not have any interest in your services. For this reason, a list that the members have self selected to become a part of, has much more potential than a list that was purchased from a third party vendor. Here are a few pointers to developing your marketing list: let’s fill that barrel.

  1. Create prominent forms on your website or social media pages to collect information from interested visitors. SproutLoud has developed a web form builder to meet this marketing need. Marketers can customize what the form says, the kind of information it collects, and which fields are required or optional.
  2. Leverage collateral to collect prospect information. If you are able to provide a whitepaper, an informative case study, or some other kind of collateral or service that is of use to consumers, make it available for free. Free, as long as they fill in their valid information of course.
  3. Create a customer rewards program. These are become more and more common, with nearly all of them attaching a little plastic card to your keychain. They provide incentives for customers to become regular repeat customers. During the enrollment of a rewards program, you can collect customer information like email address and match that customer to the service or product that they purchased. You now not only have a marketing list, you have a smart marketing list.
  4. Allow users to easily opt out of your marketing campaigns. This will allow you to keep a cleaner database of potential customers and can prevent you from annoying them. No one likes spam, and more importantly, no one wants to buy from a spammer, so be sure to allow people to easily opt out of your mailing lists.
  5. Guarantee Privacy! Don’t be evil and sell/ give the list to someone else and guarantee to your members that this won’t happen.

By creating your list through an online program with our web form builder or a rewards program, you are developing a self-selected, likely to convert list. The motto for these types of lists is “quality over quantity.” The list may be smaller because of the method of developing it, but each user has a much higher value prospect than from a purchased list. This kind of list is ever changing; growing when new customers or prospects come in, and shrinking when people decide that they no longer are interested in your services. Leverage the value of the list by delivering quality marketing campaigns with some great offers to grow your business and your bottom line.

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