Why Designers Love to KISS

May 2, 2012 Mike Thomson

Have you ever struggled with getting a design look just right? Spent countless hours tweaking and contemplating over its composition? Chances are the design is just too busy.

The most successful designs are the simple ones. If you look at some of the biggest and most successful brands out there, it's easy to see. From a design and production perspective, we embrace the KISS (keep it simple and straightforward) method to maximize your marketing efforts.

Simple designs get the message across quickly. In today's internet-speed society, people want information now and don't have time to digest complex, heavy advertising. Yet it seems like it’s everywhere you look: magazines, billboards, newspapers and bus shelters. Designs that often leave you guessing, "What are they selling?", and, "What is this ad about?" It can become sensory overload, and most likely, leads to that person moving past the message. Think about how many ads catch your attention, or more pointedly, how much advertising noise you manage to screen out on a daily basis.

The KISS concept is especially important to design when local businesses become involved with branded marketing and advertising programs. Customizable design templates that are easy to use will result in higher adoption. People are more likely to participate in things that are simple and easy, not cumbersome and irritating. A direct mail postcard, email, or print ad that is easy to create and customize will increase its usage. That improves results not only for the local small business, but for your brand as well.

So remember, when it comes to focusing on your bottom line, the answer really is simple.

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