Why Co-Op Funds Make The Best Holiday Gift

December 26, 2013 Lindsay Kisor

co-op marketing funds

Move over gift baskets, and make room for the best gift ever this holiday season: Co-Op Funds! Don’t get me wrong, many love the tasty treats in the gift baskets that they receive each year, but it sure makes a strong statement when you give a gift that lasts and is truly thoughtful.

The gift of co-op funds is more than Santa simply doling out checks. This is a gift of thought. The franchisors really do care about the franchisees and want to give them all the resources they need to blossom. So when you think of co-op funds, you should think that it is a way to support the franchisee by giving them a step up to attract more customers that can last a lifetime, resulting in a thriving business and story of success. This, my jolly friend, is the concept of relationship-fortifying thoughtfulness, the true heart of giving.

It’s never too late. If you want to give out a New Year's gift for 2014, or begin planning for next year I strongly suggest you consider co-op funds and think about how your plans of co-op marketing will benefit your franchisee. 

And, hey, it doesn’t hurt that it increases the betterment of the brand itself!

Happy Holidays Folks!

Want to know more about co-op funds and how to use them? Read this article: “Why Every Brand Should Offer Co-Op Funds” 

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Consider giving Co-op funds this holiday season to support your franchisee's and grow your brand.

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