What's in a name...and password?

September 14, 2012 Neil Ingalls

At SproutLoud, we practice what we preach by using numerous social media channels to promote our brand and interesting content related to marketing. But with all of our social media accounts, the various tools we use, and our own online platform, we have produced a multitude of usernames and passwords. We started to have a problem with keeping all of our own passwords and user names straight, let alone any knowledge of each others’.

When the number of usernames and passwords start to pile up, your team needs to place all of them in a centralized location. This is pretty obvious for anyone that has worked in the industry. A marketing manager NEEDS to be able to login to all of the accounts that the team is using. People get sick, people leave companies (sometimes under less than ideal circumstances) and most importantly, managers should be able to see which accounts are being used and which are not (this is especially true for paid tools.)

This need for a password management system has been met with a number of solutions for internet professionals. These systems can maintain passwords and usernames, limit liability by granting access without actually providing employees with the passwords, and grant managers the ability to remove or add users with ease. I suggest checking out lastpass.com, keepass.info, and for you Mac-centric companies out there agilebits.com/onepassword.

You'll find that it is possible to tame the password monster.


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