What to Insist On When Implementing A New Online Marketing Platform

September 19, 2012 Kalia Garrido

It is an exciting time when a company finally decides to take the plunge with a new online marketing platform. The process marks the end of a courtship, and the beginning of a commitment. It’s a new partnership, and as with any relationship, it takes mutual hard work and determination.

To help get this new alliance off on the right foot, it's very helpful to make sure your vendor takes you through an official implementation or new client onboarding process. This will guide new clients through the set up of their own marketing software platform by attending training sessions, answering questions, and even doing a little homework for both the client and the software company. There is lot to learn, but there are 3 benefits that a robust implementation process will deliver.

  1. More Work Now = Less Work Later – The more work that is done on the front end, the less headaches there will be down the road. Planning and organization are fundamental tools that can be used to build strong partnerships.
  2. Discovery – Discovery goes both ways - not only is the new client learning the marketing platform, but the company behind the platform is also learning their new client. A comprehensive implementation process offers a great avenue to uncover many of the new client’s needs, some of which may not have even been mentioned.
  3. Teach a man to fish... – This age-old adage is so true. A good Distributed Marketing platform will provide not only the fishing lessons, but also the boat and the rod. The new client brings the bait and begins to catch their own fish.

So even though it may seem intensive, be sure that your implementation process incorporates all the elements of the software that you will need. As Henry Ford so wisely put it: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

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