The Beauty of Holistic Marketing

July 13, 2012 Christina Martin

In my last few posts, I’ve talked about the potential negative impact of shock value marketing and bad sending practices. It’s time to talk about a company who is doing a great job of marketing themselves. In a recent Mashable interview with Julie Bornstein, SVP Digital at Sephora, she discusses the company's philosophy on digital marketing and customer experience.

One of the reasons why Sephora has such a loyal customer base is because all of their marketing ties into a holistic approach to the customer experience. No matter how a consumer engages with the brand, be it via social, mobile, email, website or the store, Sephora’s brand and customer experience is uniform, consistent and targeted. To quote, “It’s not just about technology — it’s about technology enabling experiences that provide real value to customers, and helping them share that value with their communities.”

For example, a few years ago I signed up for Sephora’s loyalty program. For research I also signed up for their emails and customized my profile in their preferences center. As a result, all of my emails are well-timed and perfectly targeted – I never get an email from them and wonder, “why did they send me this?”  In addition, if I purchase something online or in the store, they generate an email about a week or so later to ask if I would review that product.

If you follow Sephora on their social channels, you see that they don’t just push the latest products. They create and share high-quality content that engages their customer base, from video tutorials on how to create certain looks to pinning pictures of their products in use. They encourage their customers to talk about the products, which in turn serves as testimonials to other customers.

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