Selecting the Right Paper Stock is Important for Any Print Marketing Project

July 11, 2013 Mike Thomson

When it comes to your marketing materials, appearances are everything. This is especially true for printed materials. You take great care to ensure your brand always looks it best via your selection of colors and imagery. Something not to be overlooked is your choice of paper stock. There are thousands of different types of stocks available today.

Styles come in all sizes, thicknesses and finishes. From a super fine linen to a metallic cover stock, the choices are almost endless.Your vendor may only carry a few of the most common selections on the market so be sure to ask them for a sample book for all the product lines they carry. You may even want to contact the manufacturer yourself in advance of the project.

Typically a special stock can be ordered and delivered to your vendor within a few days, more than enough time to finalize your print project down to the finest detail. Ask the manufacturer or your vendor if they have any clearance or discontinued products that may suit your needs. Having your project produced on the perfect stock can really take it from great to exceptional. 

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