If You Build It, They Will Come

July 20, 2012 Jennifer Christian

When it comes to using social media as a marketing tool - it’s a battlefield out there. Depending on the activity level of your followers, they can easily become overwhelmingly bombarded with content and a lot of it goes unnoticed.

To gain followers and fans we present ourselves in an interesting and attracting manner on social platforms. To retain those followers we post deals and content as necessary. So, how do we make our brand stand out amongst the rest of the noise on these platforms? How do we see a return on our invested time and effort?

Types of Content for Social Media

Of all the content types you can post, the five main categories are photos, organic posts, articles or blogs, videos, and sharing other business profiles. Examples of each of these content types are endless and industry specific, but posting practices should evolve from a trial and error process. The goal and purpose of a post is to reach as many people as possible, I will define this as “reach.” For example, you may think you posted the best photo or infographic but your reach on that post may turn out to be surprisingly low. On the other hand, posting an article about an upcoming innovation in your industry may reach further than you expected.

So how do we provoke a response, reach a targeted audience and turn a profit? Photos standout among the forms of content that are easy to view and can produce quick responses. This can be a useful and easy piece of content to produce, but after the third or fourth photo in a row it probably becomes annoying. This will increase the scroll speed through the feed, thus users are skipping the great content you are providing. Using the best content (provided it correlates with your follower’s interests) and interchanging the content type will create buzz and engagement while standing out amongst the noise. Popular pages share great informative content and throw in some social topics outside of their main objective to engage with followers, fostering relationships with the audience. This provides the follower more incentive to visit the page and explore other content you have posted. If the content strikes a chord with that person, a prospect is born and a sale may be pending.

Building a Valuable Audience in Social Media

There is a lot of hype about building an audience of followers and how this is a key factor to a successful campaign. So I ask you, why dedicate most of your resources to building an audience of followers and fans that don’t promise a return? The real key factor to a social campaign is to build an engaged audience that are potential customers. Work smart, not hard and target the audience that will be valuable.

Building relationships with your followers encourages them to become prospects, which, with the right finesse, turns into a customer. So really, this all boils down to interacting and participating socially to create conversation on your platform, consequently encouraging curiosity and exploration to build a profitable customer base.

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Jennifer Christian

Nicole Neuman is a Local Marketing Coordinator at Sproutloud who graduated from the University of Miami with a B.S.B.A. She is a practical marketer with varied experience from event planning to office organization to data transfer and project management. She has a strong history in customer service and prides herself on attention to detail. She loves to travel, read, and basically anything on the water. She also happens to have slight addictions to Pinterest and strawberries.

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