Creating the Most Compelling Brand Images To Share on Facebook

November 14, 2014 Jennifer Christian

If your brand’s local partners are on Facebook, you’ve probably heard about the struggle they have to create good content for their pages.  Image-based content has always had higher engagement -- so here are a few photo-themed tips to share with them:

Your Story: Share photos from the workplace, new inventory, technology, staff, etc. These can also include company events, employees working or just a funny moment. Fans love hearing your story so share these special events, like a special pet visitor or a birthday celebration.

Breaking News: Launching a new service? Is there some big news that should be shared like a partnership with another company or a new product that everyone is dying for? Whether it’s rebranding the business or showing differentiation from the competition, share it!

Just a Taste: What’s better than being the first to know about a new product or service? Catching a glimpse of it of course. Promoting a new product or service without all the details can be achieved by posting just a small snippet as a photo so as not to give the whole thing away but to get the conversation and buzz started with a simple teaser. Use a correlating hashtag with the close up shot to track the engagement.

Customer Hall of Fame: All aside, most people enjoy recognition and praise so why not post the photos of satisfied customers with your product or service. Nothing says “I love these new sunglasses” like a photo right from the place they were purchased. In fact, these types of photos help promote your brand better than traditional loyalty programs as it helps authenticate endorsements and brand affinity while inspiring potential new customers to gravitate toward the brand.

Winning: Use this option to help break up typical postings by offering a fun and engaging contest. For example, encourage followers to post a photo of themselves with your product in their real life offering a reward to virtually celebrate the winner. Use simple hashtags for contestants to add to their post to start the trend. This can also include thought provoking riddles or brain-teasers.

Use Cases: Show your products in action. For example, a sporting goods store can post photos of your activewear being active. Use the holidays or seasons to help accentuate the product or service.

Back Stage Access: Consumers like to know what happens behind the scenes. These little sneak peeks can drive engagement through the transparency created from VIP access imagery. Allowing followers to see what it takes to make an event, or even just day-to-day work, helps encourage stronger connections between the customer and brand.

Trending: Follow the themes of the social network (as long as they are relevant themes you can work with). Throwback Thursday photos are all the rage. For example, an Eyecare Center can post a photo of old bifocals and spectacles.

All in all, there are so many image based marketing ideas to help your brand flourish on Facebook and just a few of these will help encourage brand awareness and loyalty if done correctly. Always keep in mind that these are social networks and all communications should be as such, social.

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Image-based content has always had higher engagement on Facebook, especially for brands - so here are a few photo-themed tips to share with your partners.

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