Converting Visitors to Customers with Web Forms

October 17, 2013 Lauren Shusterman

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The amount of marketing tactics available today is enough to make a local marketer’s head spin. From direct mail to email campaigns, media buys, social media, and PPC, local marketers can suffer analysis paralysis; especially when launching new initiatives without proven data of return on investment.  

The question is always the same – What generates ROI without much effort or cost? 

As marketing resource management companies get more privy to the pain points and needs of local marketers, we continue to develop turnkey, automated solutions that are low in cost, high in value, and require less time commitment on behalf of the business.  I’m most excited to introduce the not-so-new baby in the house: Web Forms. 

Web Forms, you may ask…what is so cool and cutting edge about Web Forms

Well, for one, Web Forms offer up a customizable tool for you to engage and capture leads for your database in real-time.  Once the lead is captured you can nurture the lead with relevant communications that will incentivize a potential or current customer to return to stores and websites. Communications can be accomplished through traditional email communications and direct mail, or through automated marketing functionality (like Triggered Communications) that can be integrated with the form. 

Secondly, Web Forms are easy to create and fast to implement.  Many Web Form modules offer up a “WYSIWYG” ( What You See Is What You Get) feature, which enables you to create your own form and download the code straight from the module. Once you have the code, give it to your CMS provider or webmaster to be incorporated into your websites. This feature enables non coders to get the job done the way they want to, without the back and forth that can come from working with an external web developer. 

Lastly, after the form is created and implemented it is a hands-off self-servicing tool that doesn’t encumber small business owners that have their hands full with sales, staffing, or–Gasp–other strategic marketing initiatives. 

Web Forms are a no-brainer tactic to pick up leads and add value to your business by converting them into customers, if you utilize the form to leverage smart communications that provide value to the lead.  If you’re a small business owner (or a Brand Manager tasked with automating marketing / lead generation for your network) that needs to increase traffic and convert opportunities into sales, you may want to look at how Web Forms can help. 

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Web Forms offer up a customizable tool for you to engage and capture leads for your database in real-time.

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