3 Tips to Organize Your Design Team's Project

July 8, 2014 Mike Thomson

design teamwork and communciation

As a prepress professional and a team leader, its easy to say "be consistent with your work and your layouts". But what does that mean exactly?  The fact of the matter is that it's not always an easy thing to accomplish.

Depending on the size of your team, it can be extremely simple or incredibly frustrating to achieve consistency and efficiency. There can be so many factors that come into play, but strong communication and organization skills across your team will help allieviate this situation.

I have 6 people on my team that work on multiple projects throughout the day and are based in different locations. At times, we may be working on different projects for the same client and without open communication, this can lead to inconsistent results. Here are some tips to help organize your team to achieve consistency:

  1. Have a daily status meeting:
    The meetings should be short, no more than 15min max. The participants should stand also which helps to keep the meetings focused and on point.  In this meeting a general rundown of what was accomplished the day before and outlining the priorities of the day will get everyone educated and on the same page.
  2. Use a community forum:
    Our team uses a private Google community that I established. Anyone on the team can post information and it is an effective way to communicate. The team can go back and visit posts at any time without having to search through emails or instant messaging chats.
  3. Have an agreed upon archive structure:
    I put in place a folder structure on our local server that will organize and archive client files. I presented this to my team and got them all to buy in. This is a simple step that helped eliminate confusion right away. Anyone can go into an old job file and understand what was worked on previously. 

Utilizing these organizational tips can help to maximize consistency throughout your department and projects.

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Using strong communications skills and processes with your design team lead to design efficiency and consistency.

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