2013 Marketing Refresh – Three Areas to Re-Examine in the New Year

January 2, 2013 Kalia Garrido

So here we are at the bright and early start to the New Year. The countdown is over, the ball has officially dropped, and the confetti has fluttered to the ground. The New Year is the classic symbol for beginnings, forcing us once a year to stop and take a look around. Why not use this as a kick-start to re-examine some of your marketing efforts? Let’s take a look at three areas in your marketing plan that should be refreshed in 2013.

Website 101 – When is the last time that you reexamined your website? Is your design stale? Is your contact info up-to-date? Are you appropriately using keywords? Is your website clear and easy to follow? When someone hits your site you have just a few precious seconds to make an impression. Make sure that your website is “saying” exactly what you want, and without any unnecessary distractions.

Listen to Your Customers – Your customers will tell you what they are thinking – make sure you are listening, even if it's not all positive. Feedback forms, Customer Service calls, online forums, and social media are all great ways to hear what your customers are saying. Are you sufficiently monitoring these channels? It is in your best interest to be alert for problems and address them as needed.

Speaking of Social – This is 2013 people, and Social isn’t going away. How is your Social Media presence? Are you adequately covering the major social platforms like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn? Have you considered making some info-tainment videos and posting them on YouTube? There are some many great new ways to get people to interact with your brand. Ignoring Social Media in 2013 is a huge mistake that no one can afford to make.

So here we go, off to the races. Let’s use the energy of the New Year to refresh some marketing basics. Here’s to an exciting and successful 2013!

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